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new on stock:

plastic bumper and spoiler

Price: from Euro 29,-

used parts

for different models E30 E36 E46 E34 E39 E32 E38 E65 X5 Z3



series 7 E32 730i

Price: Euro 6.390,-

registration date: 31.07.87
mileage: 232.000 Km
color: delphinmetallic (grey)
without safety standards authority (TÜV)
G-Kat Euro 1, environment badge green
aluminium rims, cruise control, bordcomputer, arm rests in the front, orig. BMW sun cover in the rear

+++good body+++
+++historic licence possible+++
+++safety standards authority anew if requested+++

E34 body kit complete BMW original

Price: Euro 499,

new parts


rear skirt

rear spoiler

side panels

original BMW, in original boxes, with all installation parts and manuals / BMW papers

for sedan and station wagon (except rear spoiler)

bumpers chrome

Price: on demand

used parts

complete or single pieces

for series 3 E21, E30, series 5 E12, E28, series 6 E24, E24/1, series 7 E23, NK Neue Klasse and E3

front masks, partly also as new parts



hoods, trunk covers, bumpers, fenders, decorative strips

Price: on demand

used parts

for series 3, 5, 6 and 7


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