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Due to the current Corona situation and ordinances, we have closed our retail store as of Wednesday, the 16th of December 2020 until further notice.

We can be reached by phone or email, the shipping of spare parts and accessories is still possible, the workshop operation remains, and the commercial collection of spare parts and accessories within the framework of the workshop operation is also still possible.



new on stock:

E24 635CSiA

Price: Euro 24.990,-     by customers order

registration date: 08.10.1987
mileage: 126.000 Km
color: lachssilbermetallic (silver)
safety standards authority (TÜV) till September 2022
automatic gearbox, aluminium rims, power sun roof, tinted glas green, fog lamps, aircondition, leather seats black with heating in the front,

+++historic licence plate+++
+++original condition+++
+++small traps of the years+++
+++well maintained, little work needed+++



plastic bumper and spoiler

Price: from Euro 29,-

used parts

for different models E30 E36 E46 E34 E39 E32 E38 E65 X5 Z3



Peugeot 106 1,0L 50PS

Price: Euro 1.990,-

registration date: 31.05.1999
mileage: 157.000 Km
color: green
safety standards authority (TÜV) till December 2021 (anew if requested)
G-Kat Euro 2, environment badge green
two airbags in the front, power windows in the front, flipper windows in the rear, glass-sun roof, all-weather tires

+++timing belt, water pump, exhaust, brake discs, ... anew+++
+++very good body+++
+++optical faults (bumps on engine hood)



E34 body kit complete BMW original

Price: Euro 499,

new parts


rear skirt

rear spoiler

side panels

original BMW, in original boxes, with all installation parts and manuals / BMW papers

for sedan and station wagon (except rear spoiler)

bumpers chrome

Price: on demand

used parts

complete or single pieces

for series 3 E21, E30, series 5 E12, E28, series 6 E24, E24/1, series 7 E23, NK Neue Klasse and E3

front masks, partly also as new parts



hoods, trunk covers, bumpers, fenders, decorative strips

Price: on demand

used parts

for series 3, 5, 6 and 7


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