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R50 combination

Price: Euro 10.950,-   by customers order

registration date: 01.09.1958
mileage:6.000 Km
color: dunkelrot (dark red)
safety standards authority (TÜV) till March 2021
800 ccm, 33 KW, 45 HP
classic combination, brakeable side car wheel, built from KALICH with Ural side car and R60 engine with 800 ccm, electric revised, with electric starter, batterie anew

+++oldie with charme and style ! +++



Harley Davidson

Heritage Springer FLSTS

Price: Euro 17.950,-     by customers order

registration date: 13.04.2000
mileage: 7.900 Km
color: suede green pearl
safety standards authority (TÜV) anew if requested
1450 ccm  49 KW   67 HP   
fishtail from KESS TECH with european registration, removable luggage rack, FEHLING handlebar, small indicators, roll-bar

+++first delivery to Germany+++
+++rare nice, nearly original condition+++
+++new batterie and tires+++
+++very low mileage+++
+++classic bike+++


TR 1

Price: Euro 5.950,-   

registration date: 10.05.1984
mileage:45.400 Km
color: rotmetallic (red)
safety standards authority (TÜV) till April 2021
971 ccm, 52 KW, 70 HP
first owner, excellent condition, tires like new, Stahlflex brake lines

+++nice roadster+++



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