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Mercedes Benz

DB W124 250 D

Price: Euro 6.950,-

registration date: 10.02.1988
mileage: 227.000 Km
color: white
safety standards authority (TÜV) anew if requested
5-speed manual gearbox, trailer hitch, original BECKER radio

+++very low fuel consumption+++
+++very nice and well maintained+++
+++historic licence possible+++




106 1,0L 50PS

Price: Euro 1.990,-

registration date: 31.05.1999
mileage: 157.000 Km
color: green
safety standards authority (TÜV) till December 2021 (anew if requested)
G-Kat Euro 2, environment badge green
two airbags in the front, power windows in the front, flipper windows in the rear, glass-sun roof, all-weather tires

+++timing belt, water pump, exhaust, brake discs, ... anew+++
+++very good body+++
+++optical faults (bumps on engine hood)



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